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Time to keep your own lights on?

Seemingly every year there’s a discussion about whether the National Grid will be able to meet the UK’s energy demands through the winter. The margin of error apparently continues to get thinner, for a complex variety of reasons, but as much as anything because older power generators are being decommissioned and successive governments have prevaricated … Continue reading


7Energy to exhibit at Energy Now Expo

As one of the leading designers, suppliers and installers of renewable energy systems in Shropshire we will be showcasing our latest installations at an exhibition for farmers and landowners in Telford this week. The Energy Now Expo is taking place over the next two days (11th and 12th) at the Telford International Centre, demonstrating the latest technology and developments … Continue reading


Winter is coming…

As they are so fond of saying in the TV blockbuster, Game of Thrones, “winter is coming”. It’s becoming an annual merry-go-round; pretty soon we will start getting the power price stories, telling us how they are going ever-upwards and how everyone should be proactively switching providers to avoid getting caught out. Already we are … Continue reading