Winter is coming…

As they are so fond of saying in the TV blockbuster, Game of Thrones, “winter is coming”. It’s becoming an annual merry-go-round; pretty soon we will start getting the power price stories, telling us how they are going ever-upwards and how everyone should be proactively switching providers to avoid getting caught out.

A winter scene of a bridge in the snow

As it gets colder, thoughts turn to energy bills…

Already we are being prepared for potential disruption with stories in the news about the UK having to plan for emergency supplies of power should it be a hard winter. This is because our capacity to generate electricity has found itself on something of a knife edge – and all it took was a couple of unforeseen events, such as a fire at our own Ironbridge Power Station, to bring us to this point.

Elsewhere we have growing conflict with Russia, which just happens to have the gas and oil reserves so badly needed by so much of Europe. If they turn off the taps it hurts them, but it might just hurt us more.

If ever there was a great case for looking to be self-sufficient in heat and power this has to be it.

Just the feeling of being held to ransom annually as the winter approaches is enough to make the renewable options attractive. But if you rely on gas or oil to heat your home or business in the coldest months and the price sky rockets because of international instability or the inability of successive governments to plan ahead, you are going to feel the effects directly in your pocket (possibly even in the temperature of your bedroom or office, if there’s not enough power…).

Fortunately, renewables options have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and if you cared to look you would find that the Austrian-engineered OkoFEN wood pellet boilers we supply and install are head and shoulders above your average gas or oil-fired options in terms of build quality, efficiency and clever design.

With support payments that can cover the cost of a year’s fuel for renewable heating installations, taking yourself off the gas grid or out of the oil supply chain can be a very liberating experience. Add in solar power and solar thermal water heating (not forgetting wind turbines to suit a range of locations) and you are a long way down the self-sufficiency route. Oh, and it doesn’t have to be summer for solar to work – the technology has moved on. In fact, when the sun is really shining, modern panels produce more power than you can use, so you get paid for exporting the excess back into the Grid.

So if you find your blood pressure rising when the power bills arrive or you hear the big six suppliers giving mealy-mouthed explanations for price hikes in the media, give some serious thought to direct action… Then give us a call.